7 Storytelling Techniques guaranteed to engage your audience!

May 18, 2015

I am conducting a workshop on the 23rd of August in response to many requests!  Time and time again people ask me about how to tell a good story, or how to draw the elements of their story together … especially in their writing and their presenting.   

So, while the workshop is called 7  Storytelling Techniques guaranteed to engage your audience……it is focussed on ways to support you to thread the elements of a story together, and leading you to express authentically!  Which means allowing vulnerability…. letting the real you through !!  

I did some training years ago with Patricia Fripp, one of the worlds leading speakers.
She said  “S
tories are the currency of human contact, the only way to connect emotionally as well as intellectually.”   She asked in one of her trainings for <span “font-size:8.0pt;font-family:”arial”,”sans-serif”;mso-fareast-font-family:=”” calibri;mso-fareast-theme-font:minor-latin;color:#5a5a5a;mso-ansi-language:=”” en-au;mso-fareast-language:en-us;mso-bidi-language:ar-sa”=””>one gentleman to play a game with her. Would he pretend that the power had gone off and he had to repeat what he had just said without any visuals? He did so, becoming animated and enthusiastic!!!

<span “font-size:8.0pt;font-family:”arial”,”sans-serif”;mso-fareast-font-family:=”” calibri;mso-fareast-theme-font:minor-latin;color:#5a5a5a;mso-ansi-language:=”” en-au;mso-fareast-language:en-us;mso-bidi-language:ar-sa”=””>Being able to  bring a story to life requires you being present and painting a picture for the audience.  <span “font-size:7.5pt;font-family:”helvetica”,”sans-serif”;=”” color:#141823″=””>Whether you are an aspiring author or you want to add speaking to your income stream, this one day  will have you bring your stories together, give them authentic expression and inspire your audiences to action!!

You will be able to :-
find the opportunities in adversity
take people on a journey
lead people to a new vision
keep an audience craving for more
bring ideas and different stories together
be disruptive and shift your audience

You can apply these principles to develop a presentation or to begin your authoring process….

BYO lunch, morning and afternoon tea provided
Just $97  23rd August , 9am to 4.30m 

Albany House, 575 Albany Highway, Albany Village (beside the Albany Community Preschool)

Email me now on pat@joyology.co.nz
<span “font-size:7.5pt;font-family:”helvetica”,”sans-serif”;=”” color:#141823″=””>to secure your place and receive :-
a/ free Transformational speaking e book and
b/ pre-course work so you can optimise the experience on the day!


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