12 ways to be a 21st century visionary

Jun 25, 2014

12 Ways to be a 21st Century Visionary  – Marcia Weider

A 21st Century Visionary:

  1. Is comfortable with uncertainty, the place where true creation occurs. He or she knows we were created to create and allows the time and space for this to occur.
  2.  Has extraordinary faith. They are able to act on what’s important to them even without assurance and guarantees. They can walk on faith without knowing the strategy or even clear next steps.
  3. Knows that the secret to enlightenment is to relax. As we relax, our ego (with its agenda, fears and doubts) can slip away and we are left with our essential self, essence or soul.
  4. Practices getting empty, so they can hear the voice of the Divine and/or feel this presence. They often create ritual and sacred space as way to invite this in.
  5. Can consciously drop into a deeper place of wisdom, knowing and truth and can ideate/dream, and speak from this place.
  6. Is aware that miracles happen in their own time and is able to wait rather than asserting his or her will or effort too soon. They trust the process enough to let it unfold.
  7. Is receptive and knows that “give and take” is not the same as “give and receive” and that giving and receiving need to be done in balance. They practice restraint, allowing space for the space where true creation and original thought happen.
  8. Does not live primarily as a problem solver, but more as a creative force. They are aware that it is more powerful to move toward what you want than away from what you don’t want, yet they know that both creation and destruction serve.
  9. Has a conscious relationship with the silent witness, the part that can see many points of view, all sides and new perspectives. They are big dreamers with great imagination and willing to traverse new terrain.
  10. Is collaborative rather than hierarchal. They have the courage, clarity and commitment to share dreams and ideas and empower others to take ownership.
  11. Is crucial to the Dream Movement’s ultimate dream, which is to make the world a better place. They know that with one single highly intentional step, the world can and has changed.
  12. Has tremendous integrity. Beyond keeping their agreements with themselves and others, they answer to a higher Source. They usually have a purpose, mission, vision, calling and dreams in many areas of life