2015 Laughter Wellbeing Convention

Sep 14, 2015

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Laughter Wellness CONVENTION 2015
“Inspiring Communities “ 

 “We cant all live a life in the performing arts, but we can live a life enhanced by them”

The qualities that mark people who excel in real life have nothing to with IQ.  Daniel Goleman calls it emotional intelligence, and said “These are times when the fabric of society seems to unravel at ever-greater speed , when selfishness, violence and a meanness of spirit seems to be rotting the goodness in our communal lives”.

Our times today call for the resurrection of two moral stances – self restraint and compassion.

In this 90 minute “theatrescape” Pat will introduce participants to a selection of the elements of compassionate clowning, street theatre and improv acting. This is an experience designed to discover and awaken the clown within and enable emotional expression.

Pat says we have many intelligences but society as we know it honours only sport and academia.    She says by enhancing emotional awareness,  people can connect to who they really are, thereby supporting a more authentic and empowered contribution to community.  

She says Most people have all they need to be happy and fulfilled,  but rarely capture the excitement, the engagement or the levels of self expression they deserve to have.  Across the globe the emotional energy of the world is flatlining.  My work is designed  to improve the quality of peoples lives by bringing joy where it appears there is none