72 more ways to bring humour to the workplace

Jun 29, 2014

72 ways to bring more humour to the workplace

Compilation by participants in Workforce Healing Power of Humour Workshop

  1. Create a Wally of the Week award
  2. Share 10 minutes neck and shoulder massage
  3. Identify your own stress indicators
  4. Sing a lot at work when least expected
  5. Create surprise celebrations for any reason
  6. Stat each meeting with a joke
  7. Have a weekly short yoga class
  8. Bring cds on a Friday
  9. Have walking lunches
  10. Acknowledge life outside work with photos and personal touches
  11. Compulsory happy hour every Friday
  12. Create a coffee run and make the delivery a fun thing
  13. Create nicknames for everyone…make it a competition to kick it off
  14. Stop writing in straight lines….create fun correspondence
  15. Encourage others to exercise once a day…do mini gym session
  16. Initiate a joint venture and pass it around
  17. Take unusual items to work for display and show and tell
  18. Go looking for butterflies in your break
  19. Welcome keyworkers at the door
  20. Make every encounter a happy one by smiling and saying hello
  21. Walk in backwards to meetings every day for a week
  22. Let everyone have a turn at being Chair of meetings or being manager
    Pan regular team building meetings say every 3 months
  23. Wear an animated accessory once a week
  24. Talk about Gerge Bush
  25. Put food dye in the milk
  26. Send colleagues humourous cards
  27. Have meetings where everybody is the chairperson and there is only one non-chairperson
  28. Have one 15 min break daily an gather and laugh for 12.5 mins
  29. Have a funny hat day
  30. Hang cheerful posters
  31. Use positive quotes to begin and end meetings
  32. Create an open environment – conduct forums
  33. Practice open honest and non-judging behaviour
  34. Indulge in appreciative enquiry
  35. Start your own or go to a karaoke club
  36. Personalize your workspace and hold a competition
  37. Display artwork both professisonal and amateur
  38. Display childrens artwork
  39. Conduct treasure hunts
  40. Launch your own joke club
  41. Conduct in house quizzes
  42. Celebrate with peers and management small progresses
  43. Walk around the office with toilet paper hanging out of your pants
  44. Stand in a  lift and mutter at light switch
  45. Share the amusing aspects of your life
  46. Just smile
  47. Take a risk….at least once a day
  48. Greet people by their name
  49. Develop codes to defuse tense situations
  50. Wear a funny badge
  51. Send witty poetry  or quotes
  52. Arrive at work in character..mask or funny glasses
  53. Play a silly song to make others laugh or to draw attention
  54. Do newspaper puzzle collectively
  55. Buy magazines and share insights from same
  56. Laugh at yourself
  57. Training is fun….make it happen
  58. Focus on the positive
  59. Make sushi
  60. Go shopping
  61. Fulfill your own or others wishes
  62. Don’t worry
  63. Learn a few jokes …and tell them all the time
  64. Swap hats with someone else
  65. Swap jobs for a day
  66. BYO and share lunch
  67. Play a childs game…hopscotch?
  68. Use the FISH program mood badges
  69. Direct positive comments to others
  70. Have fun competitions between teams
  71. Send flowers
  72. Display flowers in reception