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“Pat commits the cardinal management sin of spreading joy and making people smile. If her practices become widely adopted, going to work will become fun, and people will enjoy the experience. Ultimately she is a dangerous subversive to dullness, mediocrity and boredom. Why can’t we have more like her?” John Bishop – Media commentator

Pats broad educational training and background in both business and health positions her well to deliver into the space of staff wellbeing and personal development. She has led Managers and their teams to turn around attendance rates and productivity by up to 50%.

​A summary of some of her qualifications includes :- RGN, Dip Ed ( Armidale UNE) , NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner, mBIT Coach – Multiple Braining , Peter Drucker Management/Leadership, Managing Multiple Projects, Myers Briggs Type Indicators , Advanced Train the Trainer, Train the Trainer, Competency Based Training , Conflict Resolution , Improv Acting and Storytelling,

Pat has worked for 40 years in leadership and training and development roles. She believes the foundations of effective leadership lie in the development of :-

  • conversational intelligence
  • high trust environments
  • people being their word
  • the consistent practice of integrity
  • the harnessing of skills and talent
  • practices that honor individual progress

She had 16 years in Nurse Education and as Director of Nursing services , before founding her own Advertising agency Take One Productions. This business won 11 NSW advertising awards, 1 national and one international. She also won the NSW Northwards Tourism Award, Media Section and an award from Cacharel in Paris. Throughout this period she served on a number of Hospital and Business boards as Chair or President.

She was President of the National Speakers Association NZ 2001, The Most Awarded Speaker at the 2000 NSANZ Convention and 2002 NZ Speaker of the Year. She has convened two International Conventions for the National Speakers Association of New Zealand and has toured internationally with Dr Patch Adams.

She has been a professional speaker for 20 years and is a published author. Her first book is called Humour Works, the second ANTIZAC – a Joyful prescription for the unhappiness epidemic. She features in many others, including The Inspiration Bible, Silver Linings on the Long White Cloud by Chris Dodds, and Woman 2 Woman, Amanda Ellis and June McCabe- WESTPAC. She features in the Amazon Best Seller Common Threads compiled by Dr Shellie Hipsky and is currently writing Joyful Empowerment!

Pat has an extraordinary story of transforming her own life following a series of losses at the turn of the century, and uses these learnings now to teach others how to overcome adversity, transform grief and loss, manage stress and achieve mastery in their chosen fields.

She has been called “Australasias answer to Patch Adams” by her peers in the industry, and her powerful messages of empowerment, engagement and compassion have been delivered with great humour, nationally and internationally. She has delivered over 1000 keynotes and has been featured alongside speaking greats such as Jack Canfield and Dr John Demartini.

We think Merv Neals video testimonial sums it up, (above) as he alludes to the professionalism and raw authenticity he saw in Pat’s presentation!!!

Wayne Mansfield, Founder, Australian Education Corporation said:-
​“Pat is a one of a kind genius… someone who has been able to touch the lives of many with her unique gift of humour and personality… being a pioneer the road is unmade but that has only encouraged Pat to achieve more than could be reasonably expected… Pat and her work receive my greatest admiration”