Are you ready to be a global transformational vehicle?

May 29, 2017

Recent times have seen the almost unprecedented use of the term Authentic Power
What I share now had its origins in the expressions of Gary Zukav.

Today I give my take on the transformative nature of those words.
I read his book Seat of the Soul many years ago.  In fact it was round about when I was going through a major life transformation myself.

He says “ When the personality comes to serve fully the energy of the soul that is authentic power”  I see now with heightened awareness that if we have the intention of love we sit in a place of what we can give to life.  If we sit in a place of fear, we are insecure and feel inadequate and want to feel needed and appreciated.  By the external!

When we pursue external power through manipulation and control, we do so because we need to cover deep pain.
The pain of powerlessness which is expressed by the frightened part of our personality.
When we are in fear we try to fill a vacuum, and its usually with addictive behaviours.
And we aquire stuff

However, when we are lined up with the flow of life we are serving the energy of the soul
We are using our little boat to honour, harmonise and align with the mother ship
How do we do that?
Well…..we gotta do the work!!

When the ratings and the celebrity status are not enough we are left with the truth

This truth can be expressed with the intention of love
And that’s why you and I are here

Have you ever in a time of crisis given up?  Felt inadequate?  Wanted to die?
This is the exact time for you to create authentic power  and reach for your healthiest, most grounded, wholesome part of your personality
And use it to distinguish between love and fear

We are a universal human living in a world polarised….divided….splintered
A world of fear based leadership
What do we do though to change a world based on external power?

We contribute something new to it… that’s what we do!

You are a global transformation vehicle
How will you respond?
You respond as a 5 sensory being
We have been living in communities keeping people apart
Stop for a minute and consider a community that did not exclude anybody?

That’s the potential of the universal human

In 2001 I suffered a series of losses
There had been 4 years of them.  Brought to my knees time and time again.
Rather than succumbing to depression I chose another way
I chose love
I chose to look at my humanity
In the middle of that The Joyologist was born

A balm for the pain
Salve for the wounds
I became famous
Sought after
A bit of a media darling!
Published every month

I had a beautiful hat , lovely clothes and a sports car!
600 keynotes
5000 unsolicited testimonials
But it was never enough
The praise….the fame…the dollars ….they never filled the ache in my heart
I felt insecure and inadequate but the props and external trappings did not provide the answer

They were external

I was not entirely out of integrity
I was excercising my souls desire but I was still coming from fear
Not good enough

This last 17 years I have lived into the intention of being fully self expressed
I committed in 2001 whatever came up in my life I would go to it
And I have
We are never done and we are not alone
Do you need help transitioning this area of your life?
Lets get your little boat lined up and in flow with the mother ship?