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Artists statement

“ Pat Armitstead’s work as an artist inspires others to identify and live into their life purpose with humour, joy and creativity. She has a unique capacity to foster profound intimacy with the physical being of human form showing beauty when doubt exists”

Pat is a mixed media artist whose focus is on the healing power of humour and art. A dressmaker, milliner, make up artist, scriptwriter, producer, director and videographer she combines those talents to create canvases and installations that depict the evolution of self. Her installations epitomise the multi talented nature of human beings and she uses Professor Howard Gardeners ( Harvard University ) theory of multiple intelligence in her professional speaking and her art, fostering talents not yet exposed or identified for others. She successfully combines work on canvas and live human forms to create images that speak of paradox and synchronicity, struggle and support


Artists cast face depicted coming down the birth canal again and rebirthing into new consciousness. The face is cloudy and covered in dirt, as if freshly unearthed. The leaves are from the Bohdi tree where Bhudda found enlightenment. The wire domed structures depict the canal and the surrounding connections with synchronous moments.

​This work informed by a 12 month period working with 4 Jungian Psychotherapists exploring myths, legends, fairytales, colour, and symbolism using the casting process to unearth what appears hidden in the psyche. Pat conducts a grieving program using this process, helping people find meaning and purpose in their loss.