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Conscious Leadership for a new world

Returning to work is creating for leaders a multitude of issues and challenges around physical and psychological safety.

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You can develop, practice and embody conscious leadership with
Pat Armitstead

Leaders have often hired me to speak at their events when they want their people uplifted. Sometimes it’s been when they want some light hearted entertainment.
Other times it has been when they want to create shifts and changes but they don’t want it to be doom and gloom.

Then there can be totally serious times and they want to learn how to support psychological wellbeing at work. They tell me repeatedly, what they have appreciated the most is my capacity to listen, respond empathically and bring about radical change! That happens a lot when I tackle hard topics like mental health and talk about the elephant in the room. ( A video is below to provide an overview)

I expect you are already experiencing one or many of the above concerns as the workforce returns . You may be feeling the need for support and guidance so you can add that level of personal assurance to your people. It’s been my experience that chaos brings us the opportunity to radiate presence, build empathy and compassion. When we do we bring confidence and connection to those we serve and those who serve us.

How would it feel to be able to do the following with ease and grace?

  1. Build a high trust environment quickly
  2. Bring meaning, engagement and relevance to forward movement
  3. Build resilience and foster physical psychological wellbeing?
  4. Create certainty and inter-dependence amongst teams
  5. Be a change maker not a change manager
  6. Amplify the best in those you lead
  7. Innovate and enervate using empathy

I am offering a 12 week coaching program , where you will have 60 minutes each week with me, supporting you to create the above ! If you are seeking support right now please don’t sit in uncertainty any longer! Commit to keeping yourself above the line!

I have 40 years of experience, including working with 450 leaders over a 15 month period recently. I will share the case study on that project when you book an introductory session.

Make an appointment here to discuss where you are at and see what could be possible!

I now operate out of Brisbane Australia and we can operate online and live when that capacity is freely available

Yours in transitioning tough times



This company has made a lifetime commitment to RUOK and have a philosophy of “if you see it, own it”. They have consistently scored in the upper quartile for EAP usage in Australia and now hold matured thinking on mental health and psychosocial hazards and effect on wellbeing.