Could your story be an essential driver of change ?

Mar 11, 2018

Without even knowing you in this moment I am going to say “Yes” to the above question!
I have the temerity to do that because I have had occasion now to reflect on my own stories and thousands of “others stories” and see the impact stories make on the listener !

Being able to relate in story form the significant events in our lives and their relationship to furthering our own path or the path of others gives people such a sense of connection. It is not that you have all had the same experiences but the patterns may be the same and they essentially “nod” thinking “that kind of thing happened to me !”

When you tell a story to a friend, you can transfer experiences directly to their brain. They feel what you feel. They empathize. What’s more, when communicating most effectively, you can get a group of people’s brains to synchronize their activity. As you relate someone’s desires through a story, they become the desires of the audience. When trouble develops, they gasp in unison, and when desires are fulfilled they smile together. 

For as long as you’ve got your audience’s attention, they are in your mind. When you hear a good story, you develop empathy with the teller because you experience the events for yourself. This makes sense. Stories should be powerful.”

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