Creating sustainable communities by healing trauma

Oct 24, 2015

“In order to have sustainable community you have to make sure the people are sustainable.

​This means healing trauma.”
– Jarmbi Githabul, Narakwal / Githabul Custodian

Letter from a client ​who worked with me through her grieving /trauma process

Hi Pat

I will attempt to express my experience after completing your workshop, as follows…

Thank you Pat for responding to my calling as I pleaded with the universe to guide me towards healing that resonated with who I am. Three months ago I had turned and faced the growing suspicion that my husband was capable of being the abuser that my sons were hinting at. The shock, sorrow, guilt, disbelief and horror that consumed me as I staggered through the journey left me exposed and totally raw. My maternal structures took over, I protected, vindicated, advocated and sought justice for my children. I calmed, included, validated the fathers. I consoled, shielded and allowed space for family and friends. I

I struggled with me. I was numb, surviving on adrenalin, so sad, devoid of anger and ‘normal’ grief responses. I emerged, wrapped in my spiritual cloak and holding everybody and everything in wings of compassion. I stepped into a journey of forgiveness and understanding for the abuser, pride for my sons courage and a seeker of knowledge. Everyone was concerned that I was just not coping. My counselor was concerned I was avoiding, some thought I was betraying my sons, some that I was betraying them and their abuse, a very few understood because they took the time to ask me, to spend time.

I was yearning for expression, I wanted to cry, I thought I needed anger, I thought perhaps I have erected mountainous walls and then I came across your workshop, grief and art, perfect. A coffee beforehand sealed the rightness as I left your place invigorated, present and affirmed in my path and the value of compassion.

The workshop was unique in that I was the only participant due to a combination of events, for me it meant receiving as often I give more and take a back seat. I was accompanied my journey of realisation and expression by two wise women who revealed their wings and open hearts. Pat you are a guide, humble, gentle and intuitive, simply allowing the process to unfold and the layers to peal back.

I was introduced to new authors and devoured the insights and wisdom offered. A space of healing safety and honesty was created in that I could truly be myself and explore the hidden depths and secret places with a lens that was without judgment or opinion. The whole casting journey was intimate, me/myself and the honoured presence of women who understood me. I felt the echos of women’s initiation rites throughout the eons. This was a bonding with womenhood, self, abuse/pain/sorrow, spirit.

The final result is not only a piece of art that expresses self, griefs journey but the revelation of my inner being and reconnection with my purpose in this time. I have focus to live a life of meaning and to express who I am in ways that echo the wisdoms gained and to share the wealth I have earned. I have been given the gift of reconnecting to the web of womenhood, and knowledge that I journey with guides that share my pain, joy, success and growth.

I cannot express thanks enough that my calling was answered only that I am grateful that your own journey has gifted you the soul to hear the calls of many.

I am blessed to have met you and shared my journey for a time, you make the walking of it joyful and inspiration Pat.

Love Leah