Do you see the elephant in the room?

May 17, 2017

The stats are mind blowing.
1:5 experience mental illness or depression
6 million workdays lost to depression
3000 suicides a year ….
thats 8 every day !

I just facilitated a new Mental Health in the Workplace program which shows managers

  • what mental illness is and the types
  • how to interpret the signs that indicate severe stress/mental illness
  • how to build pro-active workplaces
  • how to have the brave conversations
  • and how to build self care strategies and resilience

We can either welcome or resist change. Stigma and discrimination are still an issue in the area of mental health. When we can shift ‘stinking thinking” we open up the possibility of a shift in consciousness, building  awareness and the capacity for empathy and compassion. You see mental illness does not mean mental incompetence.

​In this new program I am presenting we are removing barriers. Fear is one.
People fear what they don’t know. My aim is to help shift the “change reluctance” in some business cultures through education and exposure to lived experience.
Research links stress to depression and once people become overwhelmed they have the potential to suffer real illness such as heart disease . And as we are seeing many are just giving up.

​High trust environments and brave conversations pave the way to change that.

Leaders and managers have a duty of care and a shared responsiblity for workplace wellbeing!
​Discrimination, gossip and bullying in the workplace can be effectively transformed with skilled direction and training.
Please be in touch if your staff need support and training in this area…..