How do you know when you are a legend?

Jun 19, 2018

For me the notion began back in the year 2000.  Around about the 11th of June.  I had become Junior VP of The National Speakers Association of NZ, ( joyous moment ) !and the current President commended me on a piece of written communication I had done.  Like she wrote a whole page!  And so I kept it and then on the 26th June I received another from a speaking colleague Michelle Comeau.  I kept that too!  Then Genevieve Westcott
( International Newsreader and TV Journalist ) sent me one after she had interviewed me!

​Then speakers bureaus started writing to me!  It was at this point I started noticing the feel good factor about all this and put it in a folder.  I began to have some compassion for where I had been and experience some joy for what was coming in.  12 months later I had over 1000 including mail from international professional speakers of great note from all over the world!  

As I gathered these wonderful tomes they filled a hole for me ; a part of me torn apart by a series of losses, and I started to see my worth reflected in the feedback I received.  My first mentor had on his first book cover an endorsement that said “Hutch rocks”  And so I called my Legend Collection “Proof that Pat rocks!”

​Hard to think back that I needed so much encouragement ….indeed…even coaching, before i found the courage to get the appt with him at the Saatchi and Saatchi Auckland office!!

So my invitation to you all is to begin your own collection.  ​Oh…I hear you saying, You dont have any?  As soon as you put yourself into a place of being a contribution people will be compelled to make responses of appreciation.  And if you would like support to advance this, please do be in touch.  I am up for a conversation about this big time!

You see it brings joy……for both parties!!

Last count there were 5000 and rising !

Phone 0487105785 or email