How does one become a butterfly?

Dec 13, 2015

“How does one become a butterfly?  You must want to fly so much that you are willing to give up being a caterpillar.”
Trina Paulus

Healers, coaches, and creative entrepreneurs – make 2016 the year you give up being a caterpillar and become the conscious and transformational speaker you are.  Pat Armitstead’s mastermind programme will move you out of the cocoon struggle and into the empowered state of the confident butterfly. 

With so many different coaching programmes available, it can be hard to know who has the real life experience to take you to the next level.  Perhaps you want to know that your coach has had the courage to put themselves out there to forge new pathways as a pioneer?  Pat Armitstead is that pioneer.  She created the field of Joyology in the transformational sector and became the word’s first Joyologist .  If you’re looking for a coach who knows what it means to create something the world has never seen before, you’ve found your lady.

Or perhaps you’d like a coach who can help you stay steady and weather the storms of change as you break out of the safety of your cocoon and enter a scary world of possibilities? Pat has used the very fabric of her life to design programmes that help people through the stages of grief.  You’ll be able to face the changes, shifts, and realisations her mastermind coaching will bring you knowing that your mentor has the knowledge, skills and experience to help you through.

In fact, you will receive a high level of support through the entire mastermind with a weekly personalised coaching call with Pat as well as a weekly coaching call with the group and an additional call with an assigned support buddy.  Groups are capped at 10 so that the connection of the group can run deeper and so that Pat can be attentive to your needs.

This is a mastermind for those who are truly ready to embark on a transformational journey. Whatever your goal is from harnessing your Intellectual Property, to delivering a killer keynote, to bringing your book or manuscript to life.  Through her unique approach, Pat will help you develop a plan to take you to the next level.  Giving you the momentum of sustained support and focused accountability.   

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