I am the message

Jun 6, 2018

Those of you who know me well will be aware that “Doubting Thomas” has been my alter ego.  For quite some time!  He was my clown persona when I travelled with Patch Adams, and will feature in a childrens book series and animation in the near future.
However today I take great great joy in informing you that Doubting Thomas has met Enduring Faith!  I had a creative strategy session with Alexis Cohen today and was able to draw in so much more around my own full creative self expression.  I have been dancing it in for many years but its full expression has eluded me till now.


What do I mean by that? 

It has been happening in a piecemeal fashion, beginning with using the body painted Monarch,  who danced to “You are the wind beneath my wings” in 2002 to close a keynote in Auckland.  I still get phone calls from people who were there that day!


And it has grown with other forms being created, like the aboriginal dancer who performed to ” I am Australian”.  

My old coach Sally Anderson said to me “Pat, how would it be if you took on that you are a 21st Century Shaman who is here to raise the consciousness of the planet?

Then my PR lady said​ “So Pat really you are like a spiritual midwife delivering people out of the darkness”.

​Other people can so be a gift to us,  by giving us the language to give voice to that which we cant quite grasp on our own sometimes!

So today I add Visionary Artist to my descriptors! 

My art has always been informed by my encounters with humanity and for a long time I asked myself :-

” Am I a speaker who paints, or am I an artist who speaks?” 

​I even made a lecturn to depict that!

​There is no answer that question for I am both.


It is time for me to now be witnessed in that place
and to own that “I am the message”

​I can’t and won’t go another year not shining my full light!
My invitation is for you to join me on the journey
and step into your own light