I have outgrown who I have been

Oct 18, 2014

Yes that’s correct!
I am not who I used to be …
I have indeed outgrown who I used to be
I lived with doubt 
The default setting was always on high
I succeeded alongside that though

17 certificates…

Over 5000 testimonials …
But it was never enough

What’s showing up now is the emerging 2025 version ! ( Future pacing !) 
Today has been filled with new language and revelations, one after the other. 
Today I really got how some motivation comes wrapped in sandpaper  !
And I also got how “uncomfortable” the universe has made it for me to stay in the old place.  I have surrendered a lifetime of attachment to possessions and found freedom.  I have the level of faith now to believe in the unseen, and am getting the depth of my purpose .

I get I am here to stir your soul….pull you up to your greatness…..I am going to take you to a place called UNCOMFORTABLE…..and it is here I will hold you responsible….I will help you rebuild your conviction about your passion and soul purpose… 

Have you ever been afraid you might die before people know who you really are?  If you have felt like you were constantly brought to your knees….stuck and held by a briar bush…..stung by lifes worst nettles…..suffered with the pokes and jabs from others…then KNOW THIS!  You feel all these things because you are making a path where no-one else has trod!!!

If you missed it before,  conviction and convenience do not live on the same path!

As a mentor and guide I am here to hold you accountable
All you need to do is have the courage to speak your truth!