“In every cloud there is a silver lining”

Jul 18, 2014

Let your creativity guide you ….
I found this tonight as I was sorting some old folders. I wrote it to baby Charlottes parents….she lost her limbs to meningococcal disease… the NZ’ers might recall…..


I have in the last 13 years written over 10,000 pieces of mail I call Glad Mail. I share this one now to be a trigger perhaps for you find a signature piece of your own .!!!

this is the letter…

” They say “In every cloud there is a silver lining.  My mother died in October last year.  She had been very sick with Emphysema for about 11 years.  The last 2 years of her life she was on oxygen continuously.  I made a doll called Sylvie.  Like the green one here only silver.  2 years ago Mum had a respiratory crisis and I went immediately to her side in Australia.  I took that first Sylvie doll and left her with mum who lived another 18 months.

When mum died last year I bought Sylvie home.

Little did I know Sylvie’s journey was not over.  I have a friend  with a daughter who has a personality disorder.  In the lead up to xmas I met her daughter for the first time and realized just how difficult life was for my friend.  The thought crossed my mind ..”little joy in her life”

I put Sylvie in a basket with a collection of hand made trinkets and expressions of love.  I called it my Joyology basket and I gave her Sylvie.  The joy Sylvie brought my mum was passed on to my friend Ali.

I use Sylvie dolls in my talks now and I speak to people of the pain others move through.  I encourage people to take time to reflect and give thanks for what they have in their lives.  I also encourage people to consider others and the things they may be moving through at any one time.

I tell them “In every cloud  there is a Sylvie reclining” This Sylvie is not perfect.  None of the Sylvie dolls are.  Each has turned out not quite the identical parallel picture we are told is beauty.  Yet of course she is quite the most beautiful of all.  She has a quality that brings joy, which is why I make them.  A gift from the Creator to me,  to be able to craft them.

I wish you moments of pleasure to ease you through this time.