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Reinventing Your Future | Pat Armistead | Raw & UNscripted w/Christopher Rausch (01Dec2020)

​a time in your life where you are considering some changes? * Want to absolutely make sure 2021 is YOUR YEAR? * Looking to gain additional tools to navigate uncertainty? Please join me LIVE as I chat with the incredibly #passionate, #determined, and heart-centered Pat Armistead!! In this discussion Pat and I will be talking about effective methods for reinventing your mindset and results both personally and professionally. Her incredible experience in her own personal journey as well as those she’s impacted as a speaker and facilitator are sure to be inspiring and applicable to you. Referred to as “Australasias answer to Patch Adams “ Pat is the epitomy of good humour, unwavering positivity and creativity. Find more about about Pat here: For More Information please check out:

​Interview with Dale Sidebottom from Energetic Education.
Our primary focus was the 19,000 Glad Mail I have written in the last 20 years! Listen in and see how you too can catch people doing something right!!

Hosts; Janine Savient & Heather Ellis Drake Stahnke, interview Pat Armitstead renowned “Joyologist. Pat is going to share highlights from her life journey , demonstrating as we go the paradox and synchronicity, and the way in which her life purpose has been and continues to be fulfilled.

​Pat is truly a Renaissance woman with an extensive skill set and huge creativity, yet she says she has struggled with doubt all her life ! Her journey has been a roller coaster with the last 16 years especially being filled with spiritual growth and evolution.

Article June 2018 published in Thrive Global Magazine . “The art of improvisation is a skill developed by actors that boosts creative thought and potentiates deliberate brain activity. It is not uncommon for participants in programs to quickly develop skills that allow them to perform five or six complex tasks simultaneously. It is a process that involves unlearning old habits and thinking laterally to create new solutions to problems.”

For 20 years I have been saying every business needs a Humour Resource Department! Why? We are born with multiple intelligences but most of our societies only honour sport and academia.
Humour , in particular improv, unleashes creativity and creates high trust environments.

Pat is interviewing Dr Christianne Northrup, MD

An episode from Pats New Zealand Radio Show, “Radio Improv – Joy in the Moment”. Pat is interviewing Dr Christianne Northrup, MD, who is a visionary pioneer and a leading authority in the field of women’s health and wellness, which includes the unity of mind, body, emotions, and spirit. Internationally known for her empowering approach to women’s health and wellness, Dr. Northrup teaches women how to thrive at every stage of life.A board-certified OB/GYN physician, Dr. Northrup graduated from Dartmouth Medical School and completed her residency at Tufts New England Medical Center in Boston. She was also an assistant clinical professor of OB/GYN at Maine Medical Center for 20 years.

Dr. Northrup knows that the key to vibrant health on all levels is within us—our inner wisdom. She says, “When we find the connection between our thoughts, beliefs, physical health, and life circumstances, we find that we are in the driver’s seat of our lives and can make profound changes. Nothing is more exhilarating or empowering.”

An episode from Pats New Zealand Radio Show, “Radio Improv – Joy in the Moment”. Pat is interviewing Jesse Ferrel, who has in over three decades, Jesse has built relationships with Whoopi Goldberg, Muhamad Ali, Zina Garrison and Charles Sampson. He’s got range: from actors to professional tennis players to world-champion bull riders, Jesse can impress.Jesse had his own radio show, “JessTalk Radio,” which was co-hosted with his wife Lisa Bybee-Ferrell.

Jesse authored the book, “How You Leave Them Feeling.” With his growing friendship with Louis Gossett Jr, Lou offered to write the forward and Brian Tracy the celebrity speaker and author with his devoted mentorship to Jesse wrote a testimonial for his book.

An episode from Pats New Zealand Radio Show, “Radio Improv – Joy in the Moment”. Pat is interviewing Grant Schofield, who is Professor of Public Health, and Director of the Human Potential Centre at AUT Millennium. His research and teaching interests range from understanding and improving lifestyle behaviours such as sleep, nutrition, and physical activity, to wellbeing epidemiology and human performance. He maintains a “multi fluency across psychology, physiology, public health, epidemiology, and human performance.

The Path to Happiness – Interview NZ Media
​Have you noticed when you are present and on purpose people, places and events arrive in your space that serve you and humanity?

In early 2017 Andrew Curtis asked himself, ‘What kind of podcast would I want to listen to?’ The Andrew Curtis Show is a response to that question!

Armed with curiosity and a passion for sharing the storys of thought leaders and aspirational figures, what follows are completely unplanned, unscripted conversations about how each guest wants to change the world!

My interview today with Andrew Curtis !!

Radio Interview with Heidi Alexandra JOY, Chief EmPOWERment Officer, UQ POWER, Company Culture & Brand Architects, Helping People & Brands Uncover & Amplify their Uniqueness. The most unique interview I have had the privilege to be part of!! The last 5 questions will have you smiling and your eyebrows raised !

Radio interview with Temple Hayes on Unity FM

Radio interview with Temple Hayes on Unity FM. A program with guests such as Neale Donald Walsh and William Whitecloud and anchored by Temple Hayes. We discuss being a master storyteller, and combining methodology with human experiences to bring understanding and meaning to life events. I see crisis as a catalyst for personal growth and ongoing transformation, enabling high levels of intimate communication and authentic expression.

Pat was interviewed by Janelle Fletcher for her “Womans Rite of Passage to Self Love” series recently. Having endured many losses in her lifetime Pat is well equipped to share her experiences and what has worked ….and not worked, in her journey through adversity. Janelles wonderful languaging, and interview style combine to make this a wonderful resource for anybody moving through difficult times . Pat says she made committtment to ‘go to” anything that came up from 2001, turning her life around!

In 2010 Pat was one of many healers, practitioners and scientists featured in the best selling documentary 101010 Pill or Perception. This is a balanced and thought-provoking documentary about the connection between the mind and body, and how we can take a much more direct approach to managing our health and our world generally.It begins with the premise that we have more power over our lives than has been previously understood, and focuses on the keys to taking more responsibility in being well, rather than allowing stress from our environment and our upbringing to create illness.

Series Two on The Point TV, 2016, Pat interviewed Dr Hercules Kollias, a medical doctor, a speaker, an author, a personal development consultant, an entertainer, a coach, a singer, a voice over artist, a workshop facilitator, and, an actor! He is deeply committed to the pursuit of authenticity, in his own life and in the lives of others. People don’t always understand why a doctor would want to work in entertainment, or build businesses, or why a singer, or entrepreneur would want to write books to help others achieve authenticity. Find out more !!!

In 2016 Pat Joined The Point TV as a Co-Host, working with Gerald Pauchmann to enable others to tell their story …to make their point !! In the Season one series she interviewed Di Riddell, a resilient lady who moved from terror and tears to great strength and survival. Her story is testimony to the human capacity to endure !!

Interview with Phillipa Ross, Enthusiologist, on the pain and pleasure of living a life on purpose. Exploring grief and losses and finding joy where it appears there is none. Pat believes sadness is love announced and is an advocate for griefs expression , saying in many societies we have lost touch with ceremony and ritual which aids our recovery from loss.

Interviewed on Gift of healing TV ​UK Television – and talk with Sara Jane on my thoughts about the path to joyful expression. I actually think joy is all of it….not just moments of bliss, but the total emotional experience we are all having as our life experience. What are your peak moments and how do you make sure you experience enough of each to fill the void and lead you to a level of equanimity?

Skype me any time to arrange a chat on joyologist .

February and again Pat is featured in an interview with Australian mBraining Radio Host Bill Gasiamis ! If you, or someone you know is seeking a path through difficult times , coping with grief, or looking for a way through tough times this audio has many answers.

Both Bill and myself have known difficult times and been severely challenged by ill health! We share some of the things we learned on that journey. Anyone who would like a copy of the paper I offer during the talk please do PM me!

January 2016 and Pat has just been interviewed on “Your fulfilled Life” sharing the story of the losses in her life and how she found joy in the midst of that! Listeners can access a FREE copy of her e book ANTIZAC by emailing

This is especially valuable for people moving through grief and loss, and I she shares some very practical steps to support people through difficult times.

December 2015 also saw Pat featured in the 3 times Amazon best seller trilogy Common Threads.

​100 women share their stories of triumph through difficult times, what kept them going, and how they came to thrive !

​Pat was also interviewed on US TV in relation to this same radio series !!

In 2015 Pat was published in the Inspiration Bible – along with 364 other Contributors from 15 countries worldwide !!

The Inspiration Bible is a heartfelt project devoted to uplifting humanity. From teenagers who are struggling to find themselves to adults who are challenged and the elderly who are giving up, the Inspiration Bible aims to be the much-needed beacon of hope to help people overcome their adversities and live a magnificent life.

The Inspiration Bible was first published on 21st October 2014 and is published by Gowor International Publishing.

Pat says ” It is an honour and a privilege to be part of this book and share some highlights of my life and how I transformed difficult times. You will enjoy reading this book and finding daily gems of inspiration to guide you through tough times. I hope my contribution, and others will inspire you to fulfil on your potential and transform your life”

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Media Presence

Pat has been in the media almost every month in the last ten years. She says ” When I began I had no idea how Joyology would evolve , nor did I have the capital to make a huge investment for business development support. And so I committed to be published every month . I have missed a few but essentially I have fulfilled on that” . Her columns and articles , bringing stories of joy, overcoming adversity and using humour have been read around the world

Thanks to Johann du Plessis for capturing media images

Annabelle Drumm, in Australia, supports people to rise above their current situation. Here she is interviewing Pat about her wonderful book ANTIZAC – A Joyful Prescription for the Unhappiness Epidemic.

ANTIZAC is available as an e-book from Amazon. Get your copy via the button below.

Bernie Fallon, Founder of Goodology, said that my interview on his radio program was now number 2 all time listened to!

Joyology creator Pat Armitstead toured orphanages in Russia with Humanitarian and Clown Doctor Patch Adams, whose life’s work became the subject of the movie starring Robin Williams.

Listen to The Goodology Podcast for overcoming difficult situations through humor and passion and hear about ANTIZAC, Pat’s
latest book !

Pat was invited to speak at the Create Yourself Global Summit, speaking alongside Dr John Demartini and Jack Canfield, Author of Chicken Soup for the Soul, and many others.

Such fun on Sheldon’s Radio Show!! Planet FM 104.6 Take it from us.

PRESENTER: Sheldon Brown
Sheldon, on air since mid 2007, is the consumer marketing and promotions leader at Framework Trust. He has worked as a researcher for the BBC, a news editor and communications consultant. Sheldon is a keen tennis player who believes that exercise, a balanced lifestyle and good nutrition are crucial to good mental health.