Inspire people by your life !

Jan 13, 2015

Martin Luther King said ” I have a dream”  …over and over!  And they came to hear the dream.  My invitation to you today is to inspire people by your life.  Live your life now being who you choose to be.  Create your legacy and live into today.  Yes I can hear you thinking…”How?”

I need you to know some motivation comes wrapped in sandpaper..sorry!   You see anything that’s not working in your life right now is the universe making it uncomfortable to stay where you are right now!   And I do get you might be afraid it might not work.  This is the time when you need to develop faith in the unseen.  You have been planting seeds and the season for reaping approaches.  

I am here to stir your soul and pull you to greatness.  I am here to hold you accountable.  it may well be an uncomfortable ride at times.  Conviction and convenience don’t live on the same block.  It takes something to hold to your path in the face of challenge.  Sometimes that means showing up anyway and doing the work, irrespective of current circumstances. 

In my new book “Joyful Empowerment – The only way out is through” I am going to be sharing some truths never before revealed.  Lisa Nicholls says ” If you want to know how great my life is now you need to know the mess it was before” .  You see the very things that broke my heart, brought me to my knees..time and time again … they were the fodder for the work I do now.  

Let today be the day you begin living in a ceremonial way…..your grief is an awakening.  You are part of the loop and can sew grief and death into life…..grief is not a feeling, it is a skill.  

Steven Jenkinson says ” The twin of grief as a skill of life,  is the skill of being able to praise and love life ”  Grief and the ability to love life are toasting you!