Like Dara Feldman I am a recovering people pleaser!

Jul 11, 2017

Dara Feldman is a recovering people pleaser and is the perfect person to extol the values of The Virtues!!

​The prompt for this interview was to explore a graceful way of looking at “different ability” and the notion of being “handi-capable” rather than handicapped!
We discussed the notion of power and purpose, being energy beings and how that energy has different value quotients. The virtues are high vibration and we discussed how it can be hard for people to understand different vibrations such as seen in children with Autism for example.

Dara says all people need to be seen, heard and appreciated, and when we can deliver on that we shift the culture. You will love the language she wraps that in! She is an advocate for taking an educational perspective rather than a punitive one and reminds us all that we are indeed noble beings. She invites us all to get curious rather than furious!!

And highly recommend viewing till the end because you will love her answer to question 24…” If Mattell were to design a Ken or Barbie Doll of you what would it be called and what would it be like?” ( Thankyou Heidi Alexandra Pollard for your cards!!)