March 21st, 2020

Mar 21, 2020

Once upon a time earlier this week I was being interviewed….or about to be interviewed by Mary Brotherton, Editor of bUneke Magazine in the USA. A fairly new offering they have is a series on Blog Talk Radio and they booked me in to do a show on humour!

We tried once….sound did not work …a week later we tried a second time and sound did not work….and this week we were both early and so well prepared,,,,and dang but I could not hear her! But…..she could hear me! And she was directing me by text message. And then the show started… studio you can’t stop you have to begin! And so she began….I cant hear a thing….and suddenly she types me and says lets just go anyway!

I had better add… I am in Brisbane Australia!

I am like….OK?….there is a small awkward pause….and she asked my by typing how Joyology began and we just flowed from there! I talked and she typed! We finished exactly 3 minutes out so she could do her usual close …and DONE!

A friend said to me “Pat tell people how you pulled that off! Because we all need to know what to do when things dont work as planned !! ”
So here are my top ten radio/interview tips that ensure you can proceed whatever the circumstances

Top Ten tips to keep you ON AIR!!

  1. Well before the event have your interview questions written and in the hands of the radio anchor. Be really clear how you will open and close!
  2. Write yourself 15 standard questions and extract the ones you want for each different show. How to sort that? Take 15 main things about your expertise and create little windows of information. That then becomes each question and you already have your answer! In my experience you only need 5 questions for an hour
  3. Have a copy in front of you as a reference
  4. Be really fluid with your story so conversation can flow and you don’t have to reach into the far recesses of your mind to find a point you want to make!
  5. Have a pre session when you can with the anchor so you can be sure you are both on the same page
  6. Check your sound and camera, headset or microphone 30 minutes before time
  7. Do some improv acting study ! It will help you remove the censor and enable flow
  8. If you get the chance sit in on live radio and observe.
  9. I had radio experience behind me. When you enter a commercial studio you typically have 5 minutes to get sorted and then you are live and have to GO! Podcasts, especally like Blog Talk Radio and others, are platforms that function the same way. When I began I pre-recorded 4 and then went live and produced around 400 shows.
  10. For my radio program I had a cue sheet and all the segments in order, including music, ads and radio stings. This is like planning a wedding! Once you have it all done you can cope with the variables on the day! ( Happy to share that if anyone interested)
  11. PLEASE NOTE….it is unlikely anyone would proceed as Mary and I did. But we did and it worked and I just loved the dance! There’s a certain thrill in bringing something to life…WHEN YOU CANT SEE OR HEAR IT!

This is the episode and Mary says please skip the first 5 minutes as she ad libs while trying to sort sound!
Radio, Podcast and video are going to be a pivotal part of our offerings especially over the coming months. Please enquire if you would like support to establish your podcast!
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