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Mastering life’s ebb and flow ​Unlocking human potential so you can access full creative expression!


During times of unprecedented change it is more important than ever to locate your path to becoming the best and most successful version of yourself.​

The path to full self expression can only be accessed when we feel seen, heard and understood and are no longer held back by limiting beliefs. Only then do we get to see our true potential and how we can slip into flow, realise our personal gifts and find the origin of our joy for life. This is a place where confusion no longer has us, we feel safe and and are not buffeted by past conditions. Here we can manage our state, find a level of contentment and a quality of life that enables us to experience true wellbeing. Mastery in all of these gives us direction, creating extra-ordinary results that impact humanity by living into the legacy we have created.

For the new era we’re about to enter, my newly expanded body of work offers a sophisticated, yet accessible way for you to know yourself and the world you can create. My commitment is to co-create with you and birth that big idea you have, positioning you to lead change in the world at a time of unparalleled need and opportunity!

​Wayne Mansfield

Founder, Australian Education Corporation said:-

​“Pat is a one of a kind genius… someone who has been able to touch the lives of many with her unique gift of compassion, creativity, humour and personality… Pat and her work receive my greatest admiration”


​Let me share a story with you !

Yayoi Kusama is an 89-year-old Japanese artist, who for the past 41 years has lived voluntarily in a psychiatric hospital and has had large-scale solo shows of her work worldwide. Last year, she opened her own five-storey gallery in Tokyo! The Broad museum in Los Angeles recently sold 90,000 $25 tickets in an afternoon to its Kusama exhibition!

The mental health professionals of her era would have condemned her to a lifetime of incarceration. Yet midway through her life she had the nouse to use the system, achieve global fame and great wealth as an artist giving expression to the illusions that formed a lot of her life experience.

Yayoi found FLOW in the midst of turmoil and so can you!

Unlocking human potential to manifest full creative expression

Email Pat if you resonate and would like a 30 minute discovery call .
This is an initial complimentary discussion to see where you are at and what you are looking for.

While I have used art, my own and others, as a METAPHOR , this is not a program about becoming an artist.
Though it could be of course if that was your path!

These 3 pieces represent how I see the last 12 months has been for so many and the vision I hold for where we can go next, which is a place of higher consciousness with access to your full genius!.

It’s about :-
*unearthing any limitations and misperceptions you may have so you can find clarity
*discovering your true essence, intelligences and signature strengths so you can find flow
*and reveal yourself fully awakened and expressed in a way not before experienced

​It’s been my experience that we have lost touch with our intuitive nature.
​I created this program to reawaken that! Its a 12 week journey you can take either one on one or in a group to unearth, discover and reveal your full creative potential. !

Why this and why now?
So many people are finding it difficult to concentrate, stay focussed, to complete on tasks
They have incomplete business plans, books unwritten, dreams unfulfilled.
In short they are not experiencing FLOW! We are all being called to raise our consciousness and lead from an empowered place.

Holding the space for change in our world, while allowing flow, takes a lot of energy. Yet we know we can no longer live by the old paradigm. Self awareness is crucial now!

This “deep reality change” is showing us how to move into a more self caring flow. The way we find that is by doing the work and going within!

And so we begin! This is the schedule …

Phone or email Pat if you resonate and would like a 30 minute discovery call .
This is an initial discussion to see where you are at and what you are looking for.

If the program is a match, we will move to the next step and you will :-
​securing your place in the program
have a Foundational Planning Session with Pat
establishing your personal needs and goals and
create a customised implementation pathway

This is a 90 minute individual session to which Pat brings her unique ability to harness your intentions and desires and align them with strategy and mindset to build a solid base to begin.

For those not aware Pat had 16 years in Nurse Education and as Director of Nursing services , before founding her own Advertising agency Take One Productions. This business won 11 NSW advertising awards, and the NSW Northwards Tourism Award, Media Section and an award from Cacharel in Paris. Throughout this period she served on a number of Hospital and Business boards as Chair or President.

She was President of the National Speakers Association NZ 2001, The Most Awarded Speaker at the 2000 NSANZ Convention and 2002 NZ Speaker of the Year. She has convened two International Conventions for the National Speakers Association of New Zealand and has toured internationally with Dr Patch Adams. She has been a professional speaker for 20 years and is a published author. Her first book is called Humour Works, the second ANTIZAC – a Joyful prescription for the unhappiness epidemic. She features in many others, including The Inspiration Bible, Silver Linings on the Long White Cloud by Chris Dodds, and Woman 2 Woman, Amanda Ellis and June McCabe- WESTPAC. She features in the Amazon Best Seller Common Threads compiled by Dr Shellie Hipsky and is currently writing Joyful Empowerment!


UNEARTH your limitations
and achieve clarity

Theme#1 – CLARITY – Week 1 – You will learn with crystal clear clarity how to develop a highly leveraged 90 Day Plan to achieve fast-tracked results in 90 days

Theme#2 – ACCOUNTABILITY – Week 2 – You will learn the power of accountability management versus time management, being your word in a way that you have never experienced to produce results you have never experienced

Theme#3 – BELIEFS – Week 3 – You will unearth the beliefs that serve and the beliefs that don’t serve you, with the view to distinguish what its going to take for you to have an extra-ordinary life filled with creative expression. In short to ultimately find your genius.

Theme#4 – YOUR WHY – Week 4 – You will learn how to give full expression to your why, capturing and demonstrating your purpose with new levels of assuredness.


DISCOVER your true essence and experience flow

Theme#5 – ESSENSE – Week 5 – You will discover the unique essence of you, your creative traits and how to position that in your USP

Theme#6 – IMAGINATION – Week 6 – You will learn how to access your inner child and reawaken your playful self. You will reconnect to who you were before you shut down and begin the re-imagining process. Imagineering – pioneering new creative forms

Theme#7 – CREATIVE EXPRESSION – Week 7 – You will identify the traits of creative genius and internalise those characteristics

Theme#8 – CREATIVE FLOW – Week 8 – You will learn how to access your creative FLOW of being completely present and fully immersed in a task. This is a strong contributor to creativity where you can deflect outside distractions


REVEAL yourself fully awakened and expressed

Theme#9 – TRANSPARENCY – Week 9 – An “Open Kimono” session where you will learn how to identify your true colours and reveal them authentically. You will see how you can bare your soul to the world rather than hide your essence.

Theme#10 – CREATIVE OWNERSHIP – Week#10 – You will learn how to take back ownership of your greatness and how it manifests in your work. You will become attached to your work and be an inspiration, push the limits and educate and elevate your audience!

Theme#11 – PUBLIC DISPLAY – Week#11 – You will write a piece and take it to market, demonstrating your thought-leadership.

Theme#12 – SUSTAINABILITY – Week#12 – You will develop your own sustainability plan, which will be a roadmap for achieving long term goals and document strategies to evolve your work through activities and partnerships.

WHO IS THIS FOR ? For business leaders, solopreneurs, small to medium business owners who want access to a state of flow and ease and grace in their lives and their workplace. Its also for individuals transitioning and unsure of direction !

Why This Program? Top 7 top reasons/benefits

  1. The current global phenomena is asking us all to make an evolutionary leap
  2. The old consciousness will not lead us to a new level of awareness
  3. 12 themes outlined are critical to evolving and sustaining creative output
  4. Creativity and innovation will be the cornerstone of effecting and sustaining change
  5. Strategy alone will not take us forward in the way it did ion the past
  6. Working alone and separate is not the pathway to sustainable change
  7. ​You will see how you can bare your soul to the world rather than hide your essence.

Additional Benefits – Mindset wise

  1. Achieve more personally and creatively rather than be stuck in the ‘HOW’
  2. Capacity for all to experience beyond current threshold and master full self-expression
  3. Stop spinning the wheels and get traction on creative FLOW and integrity
  4. Become more effective with their time management using intuition and creativity
  5. Create the creative productive future they want
  6. Experience more connection with self and possibility by accessing passion/purpose
  7. Learn how to access more deliberate FLOW by mastering their inner critic
  8. Become proficient in recapturing their inner child
  9. Detrigger from any internal/external situation quickly
  10. Learn to quickly access and maintain an empowered state
  11. Be able to create a fresh level of sustainability in relation to creative flow
  12. Become an observer rather than a judger by sitting in a place of equanimity

$3000 or $2325 USD

Upon registration  – AUD $1000 OR USD $775.00
Then 30th of the month  – AUD $1000 OR USD $775.00
Then 30th of the month  – AUD $1000 OR USD $775.00


  1. A Welcome Email will be dispatched providing the logistical details of the program
  2. I will do an initial discovery session privately 1-1
  3. An invoice will be raised following discussion and signing of contract

    The program design is holistic in nature so we go to work on the area’s of the creators life impacting their performance in leadership, working with teams, writing, speaking and /or other creative expression.

    NB Location no issue, as it is facilitated online via zoom technology platform.

    Master Coach/Group Leader – Pat Armitstead