“Me Highs” for the times when you feel a tad deflated

Jan 26, 2019

Once upon a not so joyful time I did a program with a man who called himself a Maverick​.  His name was Bill Potter, and his book was called “Mind your own damned business”, and half of it was written upside down!!!

​He says “The greatest hindrance to creativity and progress, is the ‘same old, same old’ (no change, no change) factor. This is true for your personal life, relationships and business. It is not about your ‘comfort zone’. It’s about your ‘status zone’. For starters, you must clear the ‘olde fartitus’ defined as Getting stuck in the past doing things that used to work.”

You have to love the Olde Fartitus !!

Bills motto was…and is…DuitDammit….

Doing his course back then was timely for me as I had been through the wringer with life events ( not so joyful) and was on a recovery path.  I left his course with the intention to create a Me Highs folder…..documenting in there at least 150 times in my life when I had been successful.


  • Its a chronology of success
  • It helps you identify trends and….
  • Its a powerful anti-depressant – better than Viagra!!

For 12 months on a particular project I added thankyou cards, feedback, and endorsements from other businesses.  Its a tome I use to this day to connect people back to their greatness so they can begin to own who they are in the world and their contribution to humanity.

​So the invitation today is to begin your own list!  I know, the first 50 might seem hard but once you get to that point you will just be in flow!!  Pop it all in a folder with plastic sleeves and start adding the endorsements you receive.  

Love you to share with me some of your list !!  Pop them on my FB page or email me pat@joyology.co.nz

Some of my MeHighs below!