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Come to your Senses Meditation audio


Meditation brings us face to face with who we are

We are multi sensory human beings and our way of connecting with each other and the universe is through our senses. This audio reconnects you with each of the senses and then closes with a one minute meditation that can be applied any time, anywhere to literally bring you back to your senses!

The human body allows individuals to detect five specific sensations associated with a specific sense organ. Sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch are all vital in our abilities to detect outside stimulants, but there are other senses that rely on differing stimuli to work. For example, proprioception, the ability to detect the location of muscles, limbs and joints in space, is critical to our ability to function with ease. Although proprioception and other senses, such as balance, pressure, temperature, pain and motion, may not be classified as the official “sixth sense,” these senses help us interact with the world.

Inspiration Bible


365 inspirational pages from people around the world with messages of hope and wisdom ! A Book That Keeps On Giving. Imagine a book that could inspire you every time you pick it up. Imagine the difference that a great inspiration like this could have on your life. Now, imagine the same inspiration being shared with people you care about – and beyond. THAT is magic. Inspiration Bible: The Unseen Force Transforming Lives Worldwide is a book devoted to uplifting humanity. From teenagers who are struggling to find themselves to adults with challenges to the elderly who are giving up on life, Inspiration Bible aims to be the much-needed beacon of love and wisdom to bring people through their darkest moments and raise them up to live the life they dream.

3 meditations Dr Elliott Dacher – audio


Dr Elliott Dacher epitomises the notion of human flourishing
Elliott S. Dacher, M.D.
There is an extraordinary state of well-being which exists within each and every one of us. It is an authentic and enduring state of serenity, happiness, wisdom, and freedom. This audio contains 3 meditations
Attention, mindfullness, and inner stillness

An open state of choiceless awareness

Loving kindness and compassion

Humour Works


Humour Works
John Bishop – business speaker and commentator said of this book – “Pat commits the cardinal management sin of spreading joy and making people smile. If her practices become widely adopted, going to work will become fun, and people will enjoy the experience. Ultimately she is a dangerous subversive to dullness, mediocrity and boredom. Why can’t we have more like her?”

Originally published in the Business to Business newspaper this book demonstrates how to combine business acumen, creativity and wit to provide moments to educate, delight and entertain. This is serious fun and demonstrates the ease with which it can be combined with workplace strategy to boost individual productivity and contribute to business success. Pat has added papers that explain why every business needs its own Humour Resource Department and how Joyology works.

Joyful Empowerment – The only way out is through

$35.00 $30.00

  1. My mission here is to pre sell 500 copies.
  2. Projected launch date is the 20th February 2019
  3. Funds raised will go to the development of my animated series “When oubting Thomas meets Enduring Faith”

After fighting cancer, enduring a violent relationship, losing my first child, losing my home and business twice, having 10 car accidents ( none my fault honest! ) , and suffering 2 broken relationships , I am no stranger to grief and loss. The worst momnt though was my partner of 20 years leaving with another woman, saying “No, I dont love you and I never loved you”

At the peak of despair, I literally disintegrated, and my doctor prescribed anti-depressants which I refused. I chose instead to find a way to heal my grief. I went to a Grieving Seminar at Starship Childrens Hospital in Auckland and sat next to a man whose pain was so palpable, it touched me to my core! . On the same night I talked to a magician, Peter Salerno, In South Australia and it was in that conversation with him, the term Joyologist was born.

Yes, Pat Armitstead is the World’s First Joyologist !

Initially a Registered Nurse I worked for 16 years in both education and management roles in Australia. Following a 5 year working holiday I entered the world of advertising winning many awards. Since 2001 I have been combining my compassionate, creative and humourous self to bring joy where it appears there is none. I am proud to have been called “New Zealands answer to Patch Adams” and referred to as “the Mother Theresa of Joy “.

I have been likened to a “spiritual midwife, delivering people out of the darkness.”

My keynotes, programs, workshops and humanitarian tours inspire hope, liberate compassion and evoke joy.