Apr 28, 2017

How has it come to be that we would have to create a line of study around this issue?

And perhaps a better question….
​who are we each being in all of this?

Suicide is the leading cause of death for 14-25 yr olds in Australia.
6 million workdays are lost to depression in Australia
3000 suicides a year in Australia.

I am preparing now to present programs in Australian businesses to raise awareness and provide managers with the skills to understand and support staff to practice self care.
I also will be enabling them to have the conversations that can be hard to have, when there are issues that need intervention! We have a shared responsibility for the well-being of people in the workplace.

Mike King in New Zealand founded the Key to Life Charitable Trust
James Greenshields created in NSW The Centre for Resilient Leadership, imploring men to “put their hand up”.
Dr Madan Kataria created Laughter Yoga!
Professor Martin Seligman was at the forefront of change in the Positive Psychology Movement.

We have the where-with-all now to make a difference. The tools are here and and a new group of leaders who have the courage to do the work required. They…in fact ..”we” are not afraid to have the conversations!
In the workplace and in the home!

We need to be building emotional intelligence in our children and instilling values that will enable them to build this precocious strength they have …social intelligence….this strength will be a buffer against their weaknesses ! We can do no greater work .. and I have a feeling you will agree !
We can further this conversation with a phone call or a quick chat to make an appointment.

Pat Armitstead
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