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“You are an inspiring soul whose life and work move others to follow their own dreams and desires. I found everything on your site of great interest. Know that you are one who garners respect. I enjoyed learning what makes you such a unique and authentic voice. You should be very proud of what you have accomplished. All are blessed who experience your greatness. Thank you for giving of yourself in such a way as to motivate and elevate others. I wish you great joy and abundance.” MicHEAL Teal

Pat Armitstead is New Zealands answer to Patch Adams ! ”
Dr Ric Coleman , North Shore Auckland

“Feedback from all who attended was exceptional with all achieving not only the NZQA associated unit standard but new and innovative ways of working effectively with other people on projects. Students enjoyed your high energy and creativity, especially your use of a multitude of media to hold attention and aid learning. Your Laurel and Hardy impersonations and the lessons from the past on the final day are still being talked about, and your gifts, novelties and daily quotes all have added high memorability. We will be very pleased to access your services again”
A Smith, Department Manager, National College of Multimedia and Technology

“Pat and I are both professional speakers. We are also both ex Presidents of the National Speakers’ Association of NZ. I have watched Pat’s speaking career blossom over the years. She brings a very rare talent to the platform. She works with amazing humour; she is incredibly creative and entertaining, but her biggest talent is her ‘heart’. Pat works in the very challenging area of ‘grief’. She has toured Russia with Patch Adam taking her beautiful message to orphanages there. A rare talent indeed. Ann Andrews CSP” May 28, 2011 1st Ann Andrews CSP, MD, The Corporate Toolbox

“I just wanted to say thank you again. I left the session yesterday feeling so uplifted and empowered to be generous to others daily. You do great stuff.”
Kerry Dewar, Learning & Development Consultant – Sales, Coca-Cola Amatil (NZ)

It was wonderful to have your input which has encouraged people to look at life from a different perspective and the energy to lift their horizons.
Laurie Finlayson, National HR Manager, Kensington Swan

“ …we were certainly impressed by her strong, dynamic and personable approach. I was particularly impressed with Pats ability to respond appropriately and promptly to our training needs and the professional way in which she did this. Our initial discussion was open and honest and Pat was extremely responsive to our needs as an organization. Her follow up after the training was also well beyond what we might usually expect”
Justine Wylie, CARICH, NZ, HR Manager

The following selection are samples from her Keynote Presentations, Workshops and her Coaching

“Thank you for your presentation…It’s hard to find a speaker that has a major point of difference and who is able to keep the delegates attention throughout. Your handout notes were just brilliant….especially the last paragraph!”
Verity Martin, Martin Personel

“I owe you a hug for being so brave to do what you have done …lesser persons would crumble! I love what you have done in Russia and wish I could do the same. Maria Elsyeva’s plea left me screaming to the world …let our children be free of the shackles of domination. “
Irene Daley, Aboriginal Artist NSW, Australia

“ Pat you are the Mother Theresa of joy !”
Jenny Dare

“Pat commits the cardinal management sin of spreading joy and making people smile. If her practices become widely adopted, going to work will become fun, and people will enjoy the experience. Ultimately she is a dangerous subversive to dullness, mediocrity and boredom. Why can’t we have more like her?”
John Bishop – Media commentator

” Thankyou for your inspiring talk at Bayleys Admin conference. There were things you spoke about that I had forgotten how to do…I laughed more than I have done in a very long time”
Deborah RussellOffice Admin Bayleys Havelock North

“You were my favourite presenter, from start to finish you were terrific”
Cathy Grimsey, AUT, AAPNZ Conference

““Throughout the years I have known Pat being on the board of Sales & Marketing Insitute of New Zealand, I have never stopped being amazed by her inspirational way of delivering her work. Her passion as well as compassion is clear when she talks about laughter and the benefits it provides. If you want to learn how to walk the walk and talk the talk then Pat is the number one choice for your training, I highly recommend Pat!
Michelle Reid – Vice President – Sales & Marketing Institute of New Zealand

““I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Pat on her radio show. The whole experience was absolutely delightful. Pat herself is an absolute joy. She is intelligent, articulate and totally at ease with herself with an innate ability to empathise with others at many levels. Franchelle Ofsoske-Wyber, Owner, Co-founder and Managing Director, First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand

I’ve had the pleasure of being interviewed on Pat’s radio show and also being a fellow panelist on Lindsey Dawson’s ‘Let’s Talk’ womens’ current events TV show. Pat was friendly and warm and put me at ease right away. I admire her courage and pioneering spirit in spreading Joy around NZ and the whole planet. I also admire her commitment to promoting appreciation, spontaneity, and authenticity in all our relationships. Thanks, Pat, for inspiring me to freely express my authentic self and to have fun doing it!” Sally Mabelle, President, National Speakers’ Association of New Zealand (Auckland Chapter)

Pat is an artistic creative person that has passion and skills that are beyond the ability of the average mind. Pat can teach techniques that unleash the restrictions of our lives and help you become a creative thinker through her fabulous teaching and coaching skills. I have always admired Pat’s ability to combined professionalism and artistic, creative together. We hope to see her showcasing her talents once again on the world stage at the NZ Body Art Awards. ” Mem Bourke, Creative Director, NZ Body Art Awards

Life is short, the outlook and prospectives you teach enrich every corner of the being – taking the sharp edges off this dull world. Patterson Stark, Centruion Culturist, Anti Aging Specialist”

Pat Armitstead, the Joyologist, is a joy to work with. Her distilled life experiences, presented in an optimistic, fun/active way, connect well with a wide range of people. She has presented starter sessions and facilitated follow up workshops on our SmartNet circuit in the four main centres and I warmly recommend Pat and her joyological services…Lyall Lukey

Pat’s commitment to bringing “joy” to the workplace is simply unprecedented in NZ. Her energy and vitality as both a guest speaker and consultant continue to inspire others.” Paul Stuart, Managing Director, KiwiSchools

Pat is an absolute delight, I have seen her in action at networking events where she works the room with a smile and laughter, I have also seen her in action on her radio show where she deals with difficult issues with compassion and empathy, I would be happy to recommend her to any company or person wishing to utilise her skills.Murray Chapman, Membership Manager, Auckland Chamber of Commerce

I have had the pleasure of getting to know Pat in a number of capacities. I have attended speaking engagements and was inspired by her, both for her experiences and by the positive way she dealt with and learned from her business and personal experiences and found ways to use them to set up her latest business ventures to help others. I sat on the board of SMEINZ with her, both as Vice Presidents and her contribution was highly valued. I commend Pat to you as a person of sincerity, integrity, intelligence, wit and a 24/7 commitment to everything she applies herself to with interest, caring and humility.Luigi Cappel, Sales & Marketing Manager, GeoSmart Limited

Ok…so, let’s talk about Pat. She is a superb human. What does that mean? She cares about others. More-so than her own needs. I don’t know how many years I have known Pat – (8-9?) in that time she has not wavered. She has never vacillated. She has survived the laughter and worse, the sniggers. It’s her stock in trade. I have spent time looking for science around happiness and am convinced there is truth in Pat’s thesis and application. Her experience and training is nonpareil. I have no doubt about Pat’s mission. It is an important message to business owners to find what gives people (employees, customers, suppliers) joy. It’s the 21st Century folks. Why settle for anything else? .” David MacGregor,Founder/columnist/blogger, Idealog Magazine

Pat Armitstead truly does add value to people. She is constantly looking for how she can promote the good character of others. Pat is the ultimate networker who shares great opportunities with those she feels will respect the privilege. She is a skilled presenter who engages her audience with her quick wit, humour and passion.Yvonne Godfrey,Professional speaker, Yvonne Godfrey

I have followed Pat in her work as a Joyologist for many years now, and continue to be inspired by her passion and love of what she does. Pat is well ahead of her time in the regard of understanding what causes wellness and happiness within the human condition, and I have seen her lead many others into the discovery of this within themselves. Contact Pat if you have lost any of the Joy in Life that is your birthright..she is a master at helping you to reclaim that beautiful experience of life.Kym McDonald, Owner and Managing Director – Inner Transformational Coach, Mindgarden Coaching and Consulting Ltd

Pat’s attention to the insights of life’s experiences brings a richness to her presentations which really gets you feeling down into the roots of your creation. You begin to question: why AM I taking life so seriously? We all need to connect with our child-like sense of laughter and wonder – Pat takes you there! I highly recommend Pat for your next seminar.” Jacqui Olliver,Relations Strategist | Healer | Author | Motivator Speaker, Inspired Creations & nHarmony

Pat is a one of a kind genius… someone who had been able to touch the lives of many with her unique gift of humour and personality… being a pioneer the road is unmade but that has only encouraged Pat to achieve more than could be reasonably expected… Pat and her work receive my greatest admiration” May 27, 2011, 1st Wayne Mansfield, Founder, Australian Education Corporation

“I first met Pat Armistead when she visited me in my capacity as a General Manager for NZs leading commercial radio brands (Classic Hits, NewstalkZB, Radio Sport & ZM). Pat had been visiting the Wairarapa to bring her own unique brand of joy to the region. I was very intrigued to learn she had traveled with none other than ‘Patch Adams’ who became the subject of a very famous Robin Williams blockbuster film and upon learning this I thought to myself, “this woman is going places!” Pat left behind her a trail of transformed lives in the Wairarapa, mine included!

I’ve maintained contact with Pat over the years, largely because she has an energy and a presence which is attractive to anyone who aspires to be better at anything, including being better at being ourselves. I’ve certainly grown through being constantly inspired as I have maintained a connection with Pat. Pat has the unique ability to inspire lasting transformation in people. I am of the view that this is because she lives that transformation herself. All great leaders do so by example and Pat’s example is a tremendous inspiration to follow. If you’re seeking someone who can bring transformation to you as an individual, as an organisation or even to a whole country, then your faith will be very well placed in Pat. I highly commend Pat to you as one of the worlds more visionary and capable motivators, media personalities, and inspirational people. This is a person you can trust to guide you to your best success.” Glyn MacLean , hired Pat as a Career Coach in 2006, and hired Pat more than once

Pat is someone special, more than just a speaker, more than a fun person, she is the Laughter lady in my mind and everyone who meets her” Richard Gee, CEO, Professionalspeakers NZ Ltd,

Pat is an amazing woman who inspires people to rise above their present levels. She brings joy to all who meet her. She is a must for a corporate function.
Kay Lindley” hired Pat as a Career Coach in 2002

I have worked with Pat on a number of projects and know firsthand that she is a Joyologist because she is an absolute joy to work with. Pat spreads a very important message about finding happiness within. A risk taker, Pat brings care and compassion into the workplace and we need more of it. I hope you get to work with Pat and listen to her message and more importantly, live it.” Wade Jackson, Director, Covert Entertainment

“Pat Armistead is a go-getter, a vibrant caring person who is a born leader. She is a talented artist and a great public speaker and has the power to inspire greatness in others. She is a deeply spiritual person with strong core beliefs in helping others to be the best they can be.” Caroline Viesnik, Caroline Viesnik, makeupstar

Work is a serious business, even when you’re doing what you love. So the Humour in Business Awards remind us to lighten up, open up, laugh, and enjoy doing our tasks together. People who succeed in doing this in their business truly deserve recognition.
Mary Mackinven – Editor business to Business newspaper

“I could have used you as an example on how to differentiate yourself from other speakers.”
Peter Sewell, Member NSANZ

From your butterfly images to your fingertips. I have taken on board things that you said about standing out from the crowd, and used them already to effect.”
Wendy Thompson Allanboyle Co

Pat has also been a co-host on The Point TV since 2016 and received many accolades and feedback for her sensitive and skillful approach to hosting and taking care of her guests!

Wonderful interview Pat, I loved the easy conversation between the two of you, the nuggets that emerged, all facilitated by your skilful guidance. Wonderful!

I enjoyed Pat’s interview, her style of questioning helped Di to convey her story in a relaxed and open manner. Well done Pat

I had the privilege of being interviewed by Pat on the radio in New Zealand and she made what I anticipated as an intimidating experience enjoyable. It’s great to see her looking like a seasoned professional. Really nice job in dealing with a difficult subject and finding a bright side without losing the importance of the message and the experience.

Congratulations Pat, lovely relaxed interview which showed through in your manner towards Di and allowed her to talk freely and openly.

A fabulous interview by Pat, with a stunning closing. To enable Di to openly share her shocking story (I was in the audience with my mouth open at the amazing journey this women has been on). It was a privilege to witness this intimate conversation.

This was fabulous … there is some great talent here. I especially loved Pat Armistead’s interview with Di Riddell. Great energy between them and Pat lead the way through the interview with confidence.

Pat Armitstead is an amazing lady. Since the very first time I heard her speak I have tried to live my life being as much like Pat as i can be. Enough said

Pat Armistead is a wonderful interviewer. She put her guest at ease and gave her the opportunity to tell her story without getting in the way. She promted her guest to naturally flow without long winded questions that can bog the viewer down. Well done Pat!

I offer support for Pat Amitstead who has excited audiences for along time and knowns how to weave a story into a interesting statement

I appreciated Pat Armitstead’s interview style – very empathetic and connected with her guest. I also liked how she directed the interview by starting with a particularly unusual, attention-grabbing part of her guest’s book – which allowed the guest to speak to her transformation right away. Well done!

I have just viewed the segment where Pat Armitstead interviews on “From survival to thrival.” I’ve worked alongside Pat when I volunteered on Planet FM in Auckland, New Zealand. Pat reflects her relaxed and bubbly personality and positive outlook on life. Well done Pat – nothing short of what I knew you were capable of achieving and presenting! Always a top notch presenter and a pleasure to know!

Par Armistead was amazing. Such a compelling story handled with such sensitivity. She rocks!

In speaking about Di Riddell, Pat Armistead describes the author as “a confident woman, empowering other women” – and that also describes the person Pat is, bringing understanding, compassion and warmth to this amazing interview. Well done Pat.

I loved the interviews ! Pat Armistead stood out for me. She was able to extract exactly what was needed from her interviewee and her passion and heart was visible for all to see. Her interviewing style is extraordinary and I think we will be seeing a lot more if Pat. I certainly will be front row to see that. Well done Pat and well done everyone X X X X

wonderful personable performance with integrity from Pat Armitstead.

Such a super interview from Pat Armitstead. So natural and great questioning.

I particularly liked Pat Armitstead’s interview with Di Riddell. She has such a relaxed, homely, yet inquiring style, that lets the guest have their say. Too often interviewers become the showpiece, which leaves we viewers (or listeners) bereft of the contribution by the very interesting folks about whom we want to know more. Pat was a very intent listener, with minimal interruption, but with a great opening question and some wonderful follow-up comments. It made for a fluent, honest and heart-warming dialogue. I hope we see a lot more of her, as she provides both a comfortable, yet challenging environment for the guest. Well done, Point TV, and well done Pat. Cheers. Bill

Cheers for all goers in this great challenge. One of them – Pat Arminstead – I have known for several decades, so it’s a great joy to see her in such a sterling performance. Hope she makes it to the final four..She’s one of those treasure-type human beings who has vast riches of experience and wisdoms to share.
Patricia Anne Dye (author The Seven Sages)

Well done Pat. I love your relaxed, heart centered and gently explorative approach to interviewing and “being” with a person. This is a fascinating interview, and I know that with your own history of “thrival not survival”, you are perfectly placed to gently draw out others story.

Pat Armistead was absolutely fantastic and the interview ran beautifully, a captivating watch. I have worked with Pat in a media environment before and she is a brilliant presenter who has a talent that can only go from strength to strength. Well done!

PatArmistead interview the best in my opinion! Watched all of them & found Pats the most captivating!

Pat did an excellent job! Her ability to be a compassionate interviewer created a warmth and made me wish there were more.