The problem with leaderlessness…..

Feb 14, 2014

Leadership today is about coming from the domain of being, not doing.  Our capacity and choice to serve life and allow life to unfold through us enables us to create collectively.  We get to shape the future as we chose to no longer be a victim of circumstance, rather we unite to create new circumstances.

We live in a world of possibilities but sometimes see this world strewn with “resignation”.  For many despair has become a self fulfilling prophecy, and we dont talk about it !  Instead we hide behind a facade of body image, designer clothes and keeping up appearances! 

I’m wondering if you,  like me,  forget sometimes that everything is in continual motion such that the future can never be fixed?  When we can be at one with this our vitality shifts big time!!  Yet we are drawn to be constantly doing…afraid that if we stop we will drown!  

BUT…have you noticed that people in a state of surrender are actually very “attractive”!  If you talk to them they will tell you they feel more intensely the highs and lows .  They also feel more at risk.  Even vulnerable!  But here’s the thing….it is along this path they discover their higher purpose!  

One of my missions is to share with my clients the truth that is unfolding in front of them… demonstrate the resources of character emerging to meet their own destiny. And then harness those characteristics so they can overcome their own accumulated baggage n order to operate in the flow of the unfolding generative order.  The only way out is through!