Understatement to command attention

Jun 9, 2020


If you have ever been hit by a Mack truck you will get what I am about to say! Leonard Cohen went on a 5 year retreat to become a Monk, and on his return discovered all his millions had gone. He says of that time “Money has a certain way of disappearing if you dont watch it closely….” and with a wry grin he added ” Thats a certain wisdom I acquired!”

As an afterthought he added with a wry grin, ” It’s enough to put a dent in your mood!” Cohen was using understatement as a tool to downplay the drama and to amuse the audience.  You can’t fail to be moved by his representation! ( Watch the 11 min clip below)

Cohen’s loss was personal. The covid phenomena has been global. We have all been left a “tad disconcerted” ( see what I did there?) We have some pesky little details to deal with now! Humour and BEING GOOD HUMOURED can aid this process!

You owe it to your people to find out more about gentle good humour and its application in your workplace!
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