Aug 24, 2021

Could geniality and longevity be natural bedfellows?

While professional speakers might have a signature keynote that they deliver, it still requires a lot of time before the event to prepare and customise to the specific audience. Before I started to get known as a speaker, I worked hard on all aspects in the lead up, delivery on the day and post event follow up, to ensure that word of mouth might become my main method of securing contracts.
And it worked.

I created low budget, high impact, opening and closing segways that became a highlight of what got talked about. And they were just a natural extension of who I am in the world!

A favourite has been the bucket and spade I give every conference organiser at the opening of my presentation, saying …..
Wait for it ….

” I would like to thankyou for inviting me to come play in your sandpit”. Why do I think this little genial thing I do is related to longevity?
I have done over 1000 keynotes so thats 1000 buckets and spades.


The organiser of a womens conference I did in NZ in 2002 rang recently to tell me “Pat I want you to know I still have your bucket and spade on my office desk and its now full of jokes and one liners and pranks!”

Lauren Clemett will like this I am sure! Being distinctive and on brand is the perfect way to establish who you are in the marketplace and keeps you top of mind.