What are your Signature Strengths …and why would you want to know?

Jul 13, 2014

Professor Martin Seligman, in New Zealand  some time back,  asked of the audience “Given the level of prosperity in this nation why is there so much depression and why is morale so low?”  

From the work of Dr Martin Seligman has evolved a list of characteristics that epitomise the picture of an optimist.  Intellectually they are far more creative, more decisive and effective problem solvers.  From an interpersonal perspective they are found to be independent individuals who have a strong gift for persuasion. Pro-active rather than reactive,  they are bigger risk takers and much more  confident.  They have a highly competitive nature and are assertive across all areas of operation.  They manage their stress well by their positive view of what is occurring.

Motivationally, they seek challenges and are determined and committed to see things through.  They are ambitious and apply enthusiasm to all activity.  They are goal oriented and time efficient, and remain persistent and resourceful when under pressure.  The display a go for it attitude which is infectious and supports their entrepreneurial skills. They are highly self motivated and demonstrate resilience during adversity or under trying conditions.

Go to www.authentichappiness.org and log in to see more of Seligmans resources
You may complete any of the questionnaires but the one I urge you to do is the VIA Signature strengths questionnaire. It will take approximately 20 minutes and you will receive immediate feedback,  select your top 5 signature strengths and print them out.

List them below from the top first






Decide to take them with you wherever you go and use them in all situations.  As you bring them to the fore in all that you do, whether it is in your job description or not you will notice your relationships improving.  You will notice a shift in your perspective of events as you see them in a  positive light and you will benefit , and so will others , from the gifts you have that you can use to contribute to make a difference.