Why endurance is the price tag of achievement

Sep 28, 2015

On Sunday 13th September at 8am I was gifted my star name by Kirra,   the Golden Oracle of light .
My star name is De Ellis which means endurance.
When she told me it brought tears for I certainly felt I had endured.  The tears were for the vulnerable, wounded part of me …but they were also for the wellspring of love and compassion that has evolved through my life experiences.
On seeing the video below I was compelled to write on what i saw in the power of endurance!

E – the capacity to empathise and tap into the emotional landscape of others
N – the ability to nurture even in the face of indescribable odds
D- the courage to dare to keep going in the face of no agreement
U- the vision to understand and be at one with life events
R – the capacity to build resilience  and hold yourself in a centred way
A- the ability to take action and not be crippled by life events
N- the gift of human nature to use love as a tool to withstand
C- the gift of compassion that holds such energy it transforms lives
E – the gift of full emotional expression and its unique capacity to guide us

Others are deeply inspired by our stories of endurance.
I did not learn about joy by studying joy.
I learn about joy by experiencing  grief, shame and embarrassment.
It was only as I rode the roller coaster  of full emotional expression that I noticed challenge and support were side by side, and I could see the beauty of my life.

In all that i do I inspire hope, liberate compassion and evoke joy.
I do this by creating a safe place for people to heal as they move through grief and loss.
​I enable them to heal their past and then step into full self expression.