Why it’s your responsibility to send the elevator back down!

Aug 28, 2014

“If you are lucky enough to do well, it is your responsibility to send the elevator back down”
Kevin Spacey 
I am inspired by reading Emily Gowors book “ The Book within you”, as it has reminded me of some insights around the notion of being fully self expressed.  In my Speaker, Author, Media Mastermind I encourage people to journal regularly for 2 reasons.  Firstly to develop some insight and observe where they are at and secondly, to use it as a tool to get them to a deeper connection to their authentic selves and find that space to enable channelling.  Emily calls it connecting to the divine.

It’s been my experience as we put pen to the page, we begin to see life unfolding and a raft of paradox and synchronicity begins to show up.  We see the challenges and can also see the support that is showing up.  Both are there side by side and when we are present we can see that!  Things that are sensitive to you,  can be observed in the writing and help to show you your expanding awareness.  It is this increased sensitivity that can be the wellspring for a flow of writing deeper than you knew was possible.

This is also a healing place.  A catharsis occurs as you put the words down and capture and stream consciousness, bringing a deep level of flow and outpouring.  Congruence becomes apparent as you commit to showing up to the page in a disciplined manner, further enabling you to tune into higher frequencies.  One of my clients channelled over a period of a week or so some 70,000 words, amazing herself with where it came from and how if just flowed.  Indeed it was more than flow….it urged to be brought out !!  More on that shortly  as it is soon to be released!

As Emily refers to and I agree totally, each of us here this lifetime has a contribution to make to humanity, and the thoughts, visions and ideas generated are all accessed  as indicators of what is required right now!  My role in the mastermind has evolved to support people to fully access their creative selves and provide the tools to step into speaking, writing and accessing media to leverage their position.  To work with creative people is to support the harnessing of gifts and talents, create a pathway and tools that ease business processes, and offer into the creative space in an intuitive fashion.  I have been a shameless self promoter and networker and to now be able to share those connections with others to further their dreams is just wonderful!

I have done well in my own speaking career and I love this quote from  Kevin Spacey:-

“If you are lucky enough to do well it is your responsibility to send the elevator back down!