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A program designed to build a safe, supportive 21st century workplace culture where leaders are educated and skilled to embrace vulnerability and the human condition with
empathy, compassion and confidence.

Malcolm Deery, from Programmed said :_
“Pat is highly engaging as she shares compelling stories about well being, self worth and gratitude. Her work leading corporate groups around these matter is excellent and highly recommended.”

A Case Study of the program and outcomes are available on request!


Pat was fantastic – engaging and informative
Everyone needs to do this with Pat !
Pat had great empathy – created a safe space Better informed and skilled to be making brave conversations
One man said “I did not know until today my wife suffers with anxiety. I am going home today to be present to my wife.” His peers gave him a standing ovation
One man said “I wasn’t going to come. I was too scared and confronted. But at 2am I woke and booked the flight and did the pre-work on the plane.
My brother suicided 8 months ago and I have not known how to deal with it. Thankyou for today”

All 450 participants scored 3.5 and 4 out of possible 4 across these areas:-

  • Topic relevance –
  • Increased understanding of mental health issues 
  • Examples and activities relevant 
  • Presenter skill and empathy
  • Presenter knowledgeable 
  • Program length 
  • Able to now make changes in line with learning

Dr Robin Kelly wrote the forward to one of Pat’s books “ANTIZAC- A joyful prescription for the unhappiness epidemic”

​”Human beings are meant to be joyful, light-hearted and happy. And yet at the start of the new millennium we, in the so-called sophisticated Western world, are witnessing an overwhelming epidemic of unhappiness like never before. In recent years we have medicalised this unhappiness – in 2008, more than 164 million prescriptions for antidepressants were written by doctors in the USA. This in my humble opinion is silly – very silly. Because the roots of our problems are not chemical – rather they are to be found in our strained relationships with others, our world, and ourselves. We are in danger of
​losing sight of our souls.”

Dr Robin Kelly

Pat says “Across the globe, many people lack joy, harmony, trust and are prone to doubt. They have become despondent and depressed, fail to be their word, sit in overwhelm, and are resigned and intolerant.

Others show cynicism and act confused , and many lack confidence all of which results in emotional flatlining, lack of engagement , poor productivity and more recently, unresolved grief, poor mental health and suicides.”

For almost 40 years now Pat has been coaching and facilitating programs that enable people to experience wellbeing in their lives. Anxiety, depression, grief and loss take their toll and for some the pressures have been too great. ​

Pat sees crisis as a catalyst for personal growth and ongoing transformation, enabling high levels of intimate communication and authentic expression.

Over the last 2 years I have been privileged to work on a project with 450 leaders in a company with 26,000 staff, delivering a program that goes to the very core of intimate communication, enabling leaders to be initiating the brave conversations. The results have been extra-ordinary with members sharing vulnerably their most troubling moments.

“ In the sharing of vulnerable moments we generate a degree of trust that is the cement of all relationship building. Journaling and storytelling, whether our own or others demonstrates the passage through tragedy and triumph and we learn who we really are and what our lives are about. We become part of a multi generational quilt of community and find strengths we have forgotten.

When we share these stories with other people we create a high degree of intimacy that satisfies our deepest yearning for personal contact… and that’s for the listener as well as the storyteller!

This company has made a lifetime commitment to RUOK and have a philosophy of “if you see it, own it”. They have consistently scored in the upper quartile for EAP usage in Australia and now hold matured thinking on mental health and psychosocial hazards and effect on wellbeing.

Workshop content

Content is tailored to the individual business but key concepts as below
Key outcomes
recognising mental health issues in a workplace context
identifying the signs, symptoms and risks that may impact employee wellbeing
understanding methods to encourage staff to practice self-care
creating and maintaining a mentally healthy workplace.
equipping leaders to have the brave conversations

How can mental health awareness benefit your business?
Employee wellbeing is a shared responsibility


Mental health training benefits organisations, groups and individuals to build supportive workplaces which embrace diversity and inclusiveness. Organisations that seek this level of engagement with their staff will benefit from improved communications, increased productivity, positive workplace culture, safe environments and greater staff retainment.